Violence, Veils and Bloodlines

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Violence, Veils and Bloodlines

Reporting from War Zones

Louis J. Salome

308 pages $45 softcover
26 photos, maps, index
ISBN 978-0-7864-4659-9     2010

"A sweeping tour of the world's most contentious corners with a delightful and insightful guide, one of the best of a dwindling breed of adventurous foreign correspondents." — Doug Struck, former foreign correspondent for the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun. Read more reviews . . .

July 9, 2010 Louis Salome interview

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This memoir by an American journalist explores how entrenched notions of self, family, and tribalism dictate human behavior in our modern world. Salome's work as a foreign correspondent, reporting from such places as Belfast, Kabul, Bosnia, and Somalia, provided him with a unique perspective on the roles nationalism and tribalism play in conflicts around the globe. While sweeping in its scope, the work bears witness to one man's examination of his familial roots and ethnicity, and the ways in which tribalism is found lurking under his own roof. Includes 26 personal photos, as well as maps to familiarize readers with some of the world's most misunderstood and volatile regions.

Retired jounalist Louis J. Salome spent more than 35 years as a newspaper reporter and editor including 17 years at The Miami (Florida) News, where he was the editorial page editor for 10 years; more than 9 years overseas with Cox Newspapers, Inc.; 5 years with The Palm Beach (Florida) Post and 4 years with the Worcester (Massachusetts) Telegram & Gazette. His numerous awards and prizes for reporting and editorial writing include the National Society of Professional Journalists (Sigma Delta Chi) Award for Editorial Writing, which he won twice. He lives in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.